Benefits of Mediation

Image: Lawyer in Action in Mediation

Florida encourages that parties attempt to resolve their disputes/issues in mediation and/or arbitration.

generally, parties overlook the benefits associated with these types of dispute resolution. specifically, in mediation a neutral third-party (licensed mediator) assists the parties in communicating their wants and concerns to each other in hopes that they will come to a legal agreement without court intervention.

in mediation the parties have the opportunity to come to an agreement on all or most issues. the parties can agree to terms that are beneficial and acceptable to both. Being able to control some of the decisions in you situation is one of the major benefits of Mediation.

mediation is also a more informal and relaxed proceeding than handling a case in court.

Thinking that you have the best case and that the judge will rule in your favor is just that, a thought, and sometimes not the reality. Many who have refused to be open and reasonable regarding mediation have found themselves regretting their decision,

interested in mediating a case? give our office a call.

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