Are you a Victim of Abusive Debt Collection Practices?

Image: Person Crushed by Bag of Debt


you have a right to be compensated.

Having debt does not justify being treated like a criminal. Many debt collectors exercise abusive debt collection practices to intimidate and coerce debtors to pay a debt owed. However, many people are unaware that debt collectors have to follow strict debt collection practices. violations of those practices allows the debtor to exercise his/her right to be compensated for the illegal practices.

You may be a victim of debt collection if:

1. The debt collector called you and did not inform you that the purpose of the call is to collect a debt;

2. The debt collector did not identify him or herself when you asked;

3. The debt collector did not provide you with the exact amount of your balance upon request;

4. The debt collector communicated with you when you had or have a lawyer handling the matter; and

5. The debt collector did not stop recording the call, did not transfer or direct you to an unrecorded line, or refused to transfer you to an unrecorded line, when you informed that you did not consent to being recorded.

there are many other violations that can be committed by debt collectors. contact valenzano law today for a consultation.

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